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Noahs Bygg & Snick


Skillful, creative & flexible

My understanding of wood comes from my curiousness of how wood works from the overall structure down to the cellular level. This gives me a great perspective and allows me to adapt to almost any project: from house building to small and unique household items.

I offer an integral service of custom made carpentry, from the beginning to the end. Normally a client comes to me with an idea about a custom made woodwork that they need, we hold conversations about the project both on-place and in my workshop until I have a clear idea of their needs. Then I invest all my skill set and my creativity in order to achieve excellent results.

Noah Möller bygg & Snick Nagu
I like to make use of old techniques combined with simple tools that do the job. The woodworking tradition is an evolution of thousands of years that I want to embrace in my practice.
Noahs hands holding one of his creations
For me everything is about balance: I establish an intuitive dialogue with the material in order to fuse its best characteristics with the soul of my creation, while I strive to make highly functional creations that best suit the needs of each project.  
During a project I make walkthroughs in my mind to check that everything is in the right place, and I continuously review the plan and ask questions so you can be sure that I will execute the project according to your needs.