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Noahs Bygg & Snick


In this page you can find a selection of my earlier projects by category. Just click in the button of the one you are interested, and have a look. Then if you feel that I am the perfect fit for your next project, just contact me and we will make it togheter.


Outdoor spaces


Unique objects


Simplified hayracke table

The traditional hayrack table pattern dates back to the beginning of the XX century. For this table made out of reclaimed floor timber from an old wooden workshop, I wanted to simplify the pattern to make it more stylish so it would better suit the minimalist home of the clients.

The result is big table with a mix of rustic feeling with clean and straight lines, filled with those fine details that makes the difference.

Custom made shelves

The sames client had some spaces of the house where they needed to install shelves. I created for them this original custom made shelves with reclaimed material from old corves, boxes that where used to keep the fish alive underwater, a ver traditional object in the Finnish Archipelago that can still be found in the boathouses and pears of many houses and summer cottages.

My personal work bench

I created the bench for my workshop from the scrathc. A hybrid roubo-workbench with a Veritas twin screw vise, and a top wooden block made with solid. This the perfect tool for all my projects.


Kitchen cabinets and home wardroves

The cabinets of this kitcken and the wardoves in the hall and two of the bedrooms, were made from alder tree grown in the local area. The raw material was bought from the neighboring farm and processed into workable material in my own workshop. Such a funny and beautiful project.

Sauna and banister in summer cottage

The owners of this newly build summer cottage needed two totally different kind of woodkwork: the interiors of the sauna and a banister for the upper floor of of the main space of the cottage. Both works needed a completely different approach and the results can be observed in this images.

outdoor spaces

Lust house and sauna buidling

This lust house was built reusing the windows from a renovation on the main house.  The construction began by making the frame with those windows. The roof area outside the lust house is quite contained, to achieve this I took away a piece of the end of the beams that supports the roof, and placed it in the top of the same beams. You can see the detail in the images.

I was also in change of building the sauna same client.

Unique objects

the imagination is the limit

I am constantly researching and about old and new techniques to work with wood. This unique objects come to existence for my need of experimenting with all those techniques in a small and controlled environment. 

Cutting boards, letters made out of wood, boxes, small steps for children… whatever comes to my imagination I  create. 

These small objects can be purchased by demand, and also the ones that I have already created are for sale. Do you want to know what it is available? Just contact me.