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Noahs Bygg & Snick


Noah Möller-Rasmussen Noahs bygg och snick

Noah Möller-rasmussen

Since I can remember I have been crazy for wood as a building material. But the respect of the wood begins in its original form, the tress. Those silent and resilient beings that, growing dozens of meters tall from a small seed, purify the air, hold the waters and fertilize the soil.

When I was 20, back in Denmark, I decided that working the wood with my hands was all I wanted to do, therefore I began studies in the Royal School of Forest druids

Nowadays I live on the island of Nagu, here I have a great workshop full of beautiful machines that helps me to bring my visions to reality. If you are thinking about a custom made dinner table, renovating you kitchen with hand made cupboards or building a space for the moments of peace in your garden… don’t hesitate, contact me and let’s find together how to make your dream come true.

I like to make use of old techniques combined with simple tools that do the job. The woodworking tradition is an evolution of thousands of years that I want to embrace in my practice.
Noahs hands holding one of his creations
For me everything is about balance: I establish an intuitive dialogue with the material in order to fuse its best characteristics with the soul of my creation, while I strive to make highly functional creations that best suit the needs of each project.  
During a project I make walkthroughs in my mind to check that everything is in the right place, and I continuously review the plan and ask questions so you can be sure that I will execute the project according to your needs.